Sarah Stibbe Damaskos

  • Marketing Strategist
  • Guardian Data Destruction

Sarah Damaskos learned of a young adult who was falling behind in her schoolwork because the only way she could do her homework was by using a shared PC in the public library.

She asked on the local community bulletin board if anyone had a spare laptop they could provide for this student.  The rest is history.

Since that initial delivery, Sarah and her team have given over 815 laptops to students.  And they provide tech support and 5 years of free wifi to families in need.

With the resources our industry has, no student should be without the tools they need to succeed in school!


  • Being Socially Responsible

    Being a technology company comes with stewardship of both the environment and data protection.  And as good, corporate citizens we also have a social responsibility to our local communities.  Hear one such story of an ASCDI Member who saw an opportunity to bring all three responsibilities together to make a difference.