Prekash Menon

  • Director, Operations - Technology
  • Basis Bay

With experience across Singapore and Malaysia, Prekash has spent over 16 years involved in various domains within IT. These include banking data centre, business continuity planning (BCP) / disaster recovery, IT security and mobile app development.

As the Director of Operations – Technology, he oversees a number of business units: IT Service Management, BCP / disaster recovery, data centre operations, TPM (third party maintenance), Internal MIS (Management Information System) as well as Service Desk / Command Centre. He
ensures a well-oiled and smooth-running operations team that delivers the best service levels to our customers.

Prekash holds a Masters in Information Technology majoring in Data Analytics from UNITAR. He also holds multiple certifications including CDCP (Certified Data Centre Professional), CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) and ITIL v3


  • Third Party Maintenance and the Changing Landscape

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