Chris Thacker

  • Senior ITAD Engineer
  • Blancco

Now Senior ITAD Engineer for Blancco, Chris has a 17 year history of working in the ITAD services industry. Most recently Chris supported Arrow Electronics’ ITAD division, with focus on Blancco deployment, management, and technical support for The Operations Team. Chris has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from DeVry and is an proficient in business process architecture, data sanitization, troubleshooting, and vendor management.


  • Handling Challenging Devices in Challenging Times

    With ongoing labor shortages how do ITADs process increased quantities of newer and more challenging devices? Please join Chris Thacker, Senior ITAD Sales Engineer at Blancco and Rike Sandlin, CEO and founder of Rivervista Partners in a discussion about handling challenging assets from the past, present, and future. In this session we will discuss best […]