Why attend? Why Sponsor?

THE ITAD reseller conference
This video says it all!

If you have ever been to an AscdiNatd event, you know about the friendships and business relationships that develop.  Covid-19 has grounded us, but it can’t keep us down.

AscdiNatd is known for the focused content we provide for technology resellers, service providers and ITAD service companies.  This year, we doing “it” on line.

We have created the IT Disposition Summit as our way to do our best to recreate the excitement, energy and intimacy of a physical AscdiNatd event.  We have “baked” into the agenda some networking sessions to give you a chance to meet the other attendees, similar to the “speed dating” you have seen at some physical events.

We will also be rolling out the results of the 2020 ASCDI Industry, conducted by the Cavell research firm.  You will gain insight into changes in our industry that you can’t get anywhere else.

This is a two day on-line event (3 hours each day) where the IT resale, service and ITAD industry meet to share best practices, learn about and discuss market trends, industry developments and network with their peers in a vendor-independent environment.

This time, we do “it” on-line.